Spiral of History Book 2: The Ancient Age by Alex Jack

Book 2 of Spiral of History, The Ancient World, looks at the rise of agriculture, writing, cities, patriarchy, slavery, and warfare in Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, China, India, Greece and Rome. It explores the influence of diet on health and consciousness on these great civilizations, as well as on Plato, Aristotle, Moses, Jesus, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Ashoka, Harsha, and other great teachers of humanity.


“An amazing book . . . a must-read. Dotted with personal stories, historic moments, and an understanding of yin and yang that I have not often seen, Alex has created the textbook, or one could say the road map, for humanity to go forward.”
—Christina Pirello, Emmy award winning host of “Christina Cooks”

“Spiral of History presents a striking view of the unfolding history of which we are a part. Vast in scope, but concise in presentation, this is an extraordinary and thought-provoking book. I highly recommend it.”
—Neal Barnard, M.D., founder Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

“Spiral of History is the latest triumph of one of the truly great scholars of our day. In his highly accessible and beautifully presented book, Alex Jack integrates multiple sciences, some great literature, and rare insight to reveal the underlying forces that have shaped the human journey. Read this book and discover where the human family has been, how we arrived at this precipice of extinction, and why there is still hope to create a world based on Justice, Peace, and Love.”
—Tom Monte, bestselling author of Unexpected Recoveries

“Alex Jack takes the reader’s hand on a spiraling slide through world history, examining our beginnings—and possible future—through the lens of the Golden Ratio, eternal change, and how the foods we eat impact our evolution. Alex’s knowledge is vast and his compassion immense. This book gives me hope.”
—Jessica Porter, author Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics

“Building and expanding on the teachings of Michio Kushi, Alex Jack turns time into space to deliver a message of hope and peace for our now-violent and chaotic world.”
—Catherine L. Albanese, J.F. Rowny Distinguished Professor Emerita in Comparative Religions, University of California, Santa Barbara

“I haven’t had this much fun with history since first picking up Arnold Toynbee’s classic Study of History. Alex expands on Toynbee’s challenge and response thesis and ties it in with the universal cycles of nature. A must read for all who seek an understanding of our past, as well as our future potential.”
—Edward Esko, founder International Macrobiotic Institute

“Spiral of History offers a radical new examination of our human nature viewed through the prism of diet. Building on this far reaching new view, Alex Jack takes us on a journey through time, chronicling five peaceful civilizations that evolved to the succeeding eras of reform, control, trade, and nationalism along with the rise of their concomitant ideologies. I LOVE the book and can’t wait to read future books in the series to follow this masterpiece.”
—Nadine Barner, macrobiotic chef, teacher, and counselor based in Los Angeles

“Enthralling! A sweeping historical tapestry revealing order within a spirallic timeline. A detailed examination of how food consumption has profoundly shaped historic events and can shape a positive future revolution. Spiral of History examines our digital and technological advancements and shows how humankind can achieve sustainable living through greater truth, education, ecology, and compassion.”
—Jane and Lino Stanchich, founders and directors, Great Life Global

“Living in an unpredictable era, we need the enlightenment and encouragement of Alex Jack’s Spiral of History. Packed with Alex’s profound knowledge and insights, this book shines like a beacon of hope, leading us to a golden future.”
—Sachi Kato, co-author of The One Peaceful World Cookbook

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