Online Macrobiotic Courses and Conferences

“Hearing lectures on improving both physical and mental health, attending cooking classes and learning new recipes, sharing ideas with macrobiotic counselors and like-minded people all renew my energy and inspire me to be even more conscientious in my daily macrobiotic practice.”
– Audrey Polt

“2023 was the best yet—I don’t know how they keep getting better every year but somehow it gets pulled off beautifully.”
– Rebecca West

“The conference was excellent! The only thing that was missing was the usual fabulous macrobiotic food. I enjoyed the talks: Cooking ideas to recharge my meals, health concepts to broaden my knowledge with highly knowledgeable teachers, a range of ideas to think about, and the yoga was exactly what I’ve been looking for which includes the yogic breathing exercises. The teachers were great and the overall program was rich, well organized and fun.”
– Ellen Harris

“Entire conference was amazing. Looked forward to it each day.”
– Lila Kutolowski

“I enjoyed the topics that were perhaps more advanced and deepened my understanding how macrobiotics applies to other parts of life other than just cooking.”
– Brian Smith

“I appreciated the inclusive atmosphere, allowing for different styles of cooking and practice to be presented, and encouraging us to find our own way for our individual condition, situation, and practice.”
– Elaine Danforth

We are now preparing Online Macrobiotic Winter Conference 2024!

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