Alex Jack
Are you wondering

what to expect in 2024?

Come to Alex and Danka Jack’s

9 Star Ki Forecast
for 2024


Sunday Feb 4

1 – 2 pm ET (New York time)


Live on Zoom

The recording will

be available 

for a limited time.

Would you like to know what to focus on to make the best of 2024?

Will there be peace in the Middle East? 
What about China and Taiwan?
How will the US presidential elections unfold?

How will it impact our 
health, relationships, economy, food quality, 
and other areas of our lives?

Find out what 2024 will be like!

In 2020, Alex Jack predicted that 

Joe Biden would defeat Donald Trump for president. 


In 2021, he said the pandemic would continue for two more years. 


In 2022, he foresaw the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Last year, Alex predicted that Vladimir Putin could face an attack
from within his own ranks 
in June
when indeed 
Yevgeny Prigozhin, a leader of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 

staged an unprecedented coup.

Would you like to know what he will predict for 2024?

9 Star Ki is a millennial-old system that helps us to understand
the flow of Ki energy between Heaven and Earth.

It is based upon the same principles as 

macrobiotics and the I Ching or Book of Changes.

5 transformations of energy and I ting trigrams

What can you look forward to?

How are 9 Star Ki readings with us in reality?

"I find the readings accurate and they give me useful guidance each month and for the year. I feel grounded. For example, I was planning a relocation of countries and was able to get clear information on times and direction of travel. I also got guidance on most appropriate kinds of work to do."
—Glenor, U.K.
"This stuff works though–if we let it. I’ve been able to direct decisions at times when life has seemed very complex. That has been supportive and helpful. Thank you.”
—G.R., London
“I’m doing 9 Star Ki sessions with Alex for years now. It explains the tendencies of the energies of the universe, the planet, and my own. What I like about it is that it never tells you not to do something; it might tell you how to prepare or what to be aware of. Very useful for traveling, healing, business… also I really appreciate Alex’s availability if I have a question in between sessions.”
—G.K., Luxembourg

Would you like to know what you can expect in 2024, as well?

Who is giving the forecast?

Alex Jack, an internationally renowned macrobiotic teacher, counselor, and author, worked closely with Michio and Aveline Kushi for nearly forty years and has written many books on Far Eastern philosophy and medicine. He has taught 9 Star Ki seminars in America, Britain, Japan, and the Netherlands and given personal readings to hundreds of people.


Danka Jack is a macrobiotic teacher from Slovakia with a passion for 9 Star Ki. She has learned and applied it since her childhood and recently gave 9 Star Ki courses to over 100 people.

Alex Jack and Danka Jack
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