Free lectures, cooking class, and discussion
Monday May 22 | Live on Zoom | All recorded
Are you busy and need some inspiration?

Join us for

One Peaceful World Day

Learn a new quick & tasty recipe,
discuss current health concerns, and 

get tips and inspiration for your daily practice

Meeting with macrobiotic people on zoom

Do you want to eat well but sometimes
need to travel or have little time?

Do you wish that your family members and friends enjoyed macrobiotic meals with you?

Do you want to discuss current health concerns and how to deal with them?

Join us for this free event to get tips for your daily practice,
hear inspiring stories, and celebrate 

Aveline Kushi’s 100th birthday anniversary with us!

You will:


Monday May 22, 2023

What time?

From 5:00 to 7:00 pm ET


Online on Zoom

The recording will be available for a limited time.

Join us for this stimulating series of lectures, 

discussion and Q&A session!

Who can you look forward to?

Horriah Nelissen

Macrobiotic teacher and chef from the Netherlands

Alex Jack, renowned macrobiotic author and macrobiotic counselor, former Kushi Institute director and president of Planetary Health

Alex Jack

Macrobiotic teacher, counselor, and author

Danka Jack, macrobiotic counselor and teacher

Danka Jack

Macrobiotic teacher from Slovakia

And others!

This event is organized by Alex and Danka Jack from Planetary Health, a non-profit macrobiotic educational organization.

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