Energetic Patterns in Literature by Jan Jicha

In Energetic Patterns of Literature, Jan Jícha introduces a new spiralic paradigm to describe the unfolding of literature from ancient to modern times. From classics such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Tolstoy’s War and Peace to modernist novels and plays such as Kafka’s The Trial and Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, he analyzes the complementary opposite structure of their characterization, themes, and symbolism.

Jan’s unique interpretation illuminates the world’s most sublime literature in a profound new way.


“A readable, yet detailed publication, Energetic Patterns of Literature, is not only a unique author’s view of literature, intelligence, and society through the principles of yin and yang but also aspires to serve as an alternative literary guide for interested people regardless of age for decades.”
—Jan Šulc, redactor and editor

“A thought-provoking, briskly and wittily written book. There are thoughts that our contemporary society needs to hear.“
—Monika Kittová, translator and redactor


Jan Jícha (born in 1980 in Prague) is a longtime high school teacher of the Czech language and literature, translator, songwriter, singer and a successful author with a sense of humor who is devoted to a holistic approach to life.

The book Energetic Patterns in Literature is a synthesis of his long experience of teaching literature at high school and studying the energetics of diet and medicine according to the Eastern model.



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