Hamlet by Christopher Marlowe (edited by Alex Jack) – 2 volumes

Like Hamlet’s Ghost, a specter haunts the literary and theatrical worlds, intimating that Shakespeare is not the sole or principal author of the works bearing his name. New historical, scientific, and literary evidence suggests that Christopher “Kit” Marlowe—London’s leading playwright and a secret government agent—staged his death in 1593 to avoid religious persecution. Choosing to be rather than not to be, Marlowe appears to have gone undercover and composed Hamlet and other works and they appeared under the name of actor Will Shakespeare.

“I’m enjoying Alex Jack’s new book on Marlowe and Shakespeare very much. It makes me realize how mysterious and complicated that world was, how unbelievably brilliant in language. And I’ve taken a much greater fondness for Marlowe than ever before.”—Robert Bly, poet and author

“Alex Jack’s new book is enormously impressive as a detective work in literature. His analysis of Hamlet is remarkable . . . breathtaking.”—Howard Zinn, Historian and author of A People History of the United States

This new 2-volume edition of Hamlet includes the text of the play and a comprehensive presentation of the evidence for Marlowe’s role in the authorship.
Vol 1., 120 pages.
Vol. 2, 480 pages.
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