As You Like It by Christopher Marlowe (edited by Alex Jack)

As You Like It is one of the most delightful romantic comedies of all time. The plucky heroine Rosalind’s spirited wit, her suitor Orlando’s moonstruck courting, the fool Touchstone’s jaded humor, the melancholy sage Jaques’s world-weary cynicism, and the shepherdess Phoebe’s proud disdain have enthralled generations of viewers and readers. But beneath the comic tour de force of the irrepressible, cross-dressing heroine and the antics of the other “country copulatives” lies a penetrating critique of Elizabethan England and the key to the greatest literary mystery of all time. In As You Like It, Marlowe is celebrated as the “Dead Shepherd,” but as this edition shows, he is the actual writer of the play and still remarkably alive.

516 pages
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