Amber Waves of Grain: Traditional American Whole Foods Cooking by Alex and Gale Jack

Over 200 delicious, healthful recipes, including regional specialties such as Southern Wild Rice Corquettes, New England Baked Beans and Corn Chowder, California Sushi Rolls, Hopi Bread and Zuni Corn Balls, and other tasty dishes from across America, as well as naturally sweatened desserts, including Squash Pie, Lemon Tofu Cream Pie, Amasake Pudding and Sinfully delicious Walnut-Strawberry Cooikies.

Special recipes include Ben Franklin’s Bread, George Washington’s Rice waffles, Abigail Adams’Squash Rolls, and Brown Rice a la Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.

You can find here sections on holiday cooking, medicinal cooking, cooking for children, and travel food and quotations from Columbus, Ben Franklin, Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, Walt Whitman, Lafcadio Hearn, Willa Cather, Laura Ingalls Wilder and other statesmen, authors and poets who sang the praise of traditional, grain-based way of eating.


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