Recordings of Spring Forum on New Directions in Macrobiotics

What works and what doesn’t?
Why did some macrobiotic teachers get seriously ill and die prematurely?
Do the dietary and way of life guidelines need to be adjusted or modified following a recent cluster of cancer cases in the community?
What do we need to focus on to lead a healthy, happy, fulfilling life?

At the Spring Forum, participants and over 25 teachers, counselors, physicians, and natural healers discussed dietary and life-style factors, the emotions, environmental, and spiritual influences that may have contributed to the recent illness and passing of several macrobiotic teachers.

The conversation was honest, probing, and often intense.

As one participant exclaimed: “I have waited nearly 50 years for an open discussion like this.”

Watch the recordings to watch comprehensive presentations and thoughtful discussions of deeper causes and effects.

The recordings are available for purchase till Tuesday April 25.

More information

The recordings will be available for 2 years.


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