9 Star Ki Relationship Reading for Couples

9 Star Ki, one of the oldest systems in the world, offers us profound insights into ourselves, our relationships, and our destiny. It helps us to understand the flow of Ki energy governing all changes between Heaven and Earth and use it to our advantage.

In the special reading for couples, you will found out:
What are your strengths and areas that you can improve?
What are your partner’s character traits?
What kind of relationship you have together?
How your relationship will probably change over a long time?
What to do to make your relationship enduring and loving?

And what do our clients say about it?

And what do our clients say about 9 star ki readings?

I’m doing 9*Ki sessions with Alex for years now. It explains the tendencies of the energies of the universe, the planet and my own. What i like about it is that it never tells you not to do something ; it might tell you how to prepare or what to be aware of. Very useful for traveling, healing, business… also i really appreciate Alex’s availability if i have a question in between sessions.

Gubi K., Netherlands

The reading you did for me last year was amazingly accurate and helpful. Thank you so much! I look forward to getting this year’s reading from you soon!

Polly L., Connecticut

This stuff works though – if we let it.  I’ve been able to direct decisions at times when life has seemed very complex.  That has been supportive and helpful.  Thank you.

Glenor, London


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9 Star Ki is based on the same principles as macrobiotics, traditional Chinese medicine, I Ching, acupuncture, and other related healing arts and sciences. It was developed in ancient China based on close observation of nature and its changes, and thanks to its clarity and precision, it has remained popular through the millennia.

Consultation costs $297 per 90 minutes and is conducted via phone, Skype, Zoom, or in person. An online consultation can be recorded for convenient replay. After booking the consultation, we will contact you to schedule the session and ask you for your birth date and brief description of the concerns you would like to discuss.

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