Humanity at a Wireless Crossroads: Human Greatness or Human Annihilation?

Everything you need to know about cellphones; electric, microwave, and induction cooking; hearing aids; electric vehicles, smart meters, and the impact of EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) on your health and well-being

“I’m very impressed with the easy-to-understand technical presentations in these articles. Read this book, it will open your mind to new ideas about things you thought you knew.”
—James Sharp, former Naval Quality Analyst in the Quality Evaluation Laboratory, Seal Beach, CA

“Cynthia Vann in her well thought out book Humanity at a Wireless Crossroads not only shares experiences that we can all relate to but has done meticulous research backing her findings. As a Registered
Nurse with 30 plus years of clinical experience, I am well aware that we live in a toxic soup of chemicals, disharmonious frequencies, and social imbalance. We as a society are literally tox-sick. Cancer is raging, obesity, brain fog, and cognitive dissonance challenge even what would have been a healthy individual 100 years ago. Cynthia looks at some of our modern world technology and how these “conveniences” have impacted our health. Kudos to someone who is brave enough to look at reality and say ‘Hey! The Emperor is not wearing clothes!’ Not looking at the attack on our health may cost you your life.”
—Heidi Lobstein, MSN RN, Yavapai 4Safe Tech Team Member

“A well-researched and vitally important book for the times. If you are not already taking measures to reduce your exposure to pulse-modulated wireless radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, Bluetooth hearing aids, and the proliferation of countless other wireless devices, this book is a must read.”
—Rich Myers, retired Naval Officer

Cynthia Vann, a former U.S. Air Force officer, has studied and taught macrobiotics and other holistic approaches. Through personal experience, she discovered popular consumer wireless devices were
dangerous and imperiled her health. She serves as Amberwave’s chief investigative reporter on matters relating to electromagnetic fields, consumer health, and modern technology. She lives in Arizona.


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Publication date:‎ August 15, 2023

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