Organic Rice Directory

“Stunning! Beautifully presented!”

The first publication of its kind, the Organic Rice Directory offers a sheaf of articles, including:

  • “Women’s Essential but All Too Invisible Role in the ‘Spirit of Rice’” by Olivia Vent, a System of Rice Intensification liaison for Lotus Foods
  • “Why We Need to Change How Rice Is Grown” by Caryl Levine and Ken Lee, co-founders of Lotus Foods
  • “Rice’s Signature Energy: Love & Gratitude” by Edward Esko, macrobiotic author & teacher
  • “Deeply Satisfying and Strengthening Rice” by Michael Potter, president of Eden Foods
  • “Awned, the New Organic” by Alex Jack, president of Planetary Health
  • “Regenerative Rice Farming” by Jim Lyons, farmer and co-founder, Blue Moon Acres
  • “Traditional Rice Cultivation” by educator Michio Kushi
  • “Celebrating the Spirit of Rice: Spring and Summer Rice Dishes” by Sheri DeMaris, producer and director of The Spirit of Rice film documentary

The Organic Rice Directory includes 125 listings and mail-order resources for:
Art, Dance & Music • Books & Literature • Certification • Cookware • Education & Cooking Classes • Equipment & Tools • Farms • Growers & Consumers Association • Manufacturers & Distributors of Organic Rice, Amazake, Mochi & Other Rice Products • Museums • Natural Beauty • Research • Restaurants • Seeds & Seed Banks • Wildlife • Wild Rice • Women


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