Live on Zoom every first and third Monday of the month
With Danka Jack and Donna Clifford

Do you want to meet online
and discuss topics related to macrobiotics?

Come to

Macrobiotic Discussion Group

Get advice & inspiration
and share what worked for you

April meetings are postpone as there will be discussion held at
Spring Forum on New Directions in Macrobiotics

Macrobiotic discussion group

Do you miss meetings with macrobiotic friends?

  • Sharing tips
  • Discussing current affairs
  • Asking about issues you’re dealing with
  • Picking up some pointers
  • Listening and supporting others
  • Helping with your advice and
  • Sharing your experience

Come to discuss things related to macrobiotic practice
with other participants, and 
get tips on health, cooking, shopping,
traveling, dealing with family members, etc.

What we will bring you?


Every first and third Monday in the month

What time?

From 7:00 to 8:00 pm ET


Online on Zoom

For privacy purposes, the sessions are not recorded.

Macrobiotic Discussion Group Meetings are now postponed 
as the discussion will be held at
Spring Forum on New Directions in Macrobiotics

Why do the participants enjoy them so much?

"The open discussions gave me food for thought and I met other fellow travelers to connect with in the future.
Michelle Fahey
"I enjoyed hearing from others what their concerns are - and having the chance to ask my questions as well. I thought that Donna was excellent in her knowledge and wisdom and ability to engage various personalities with grace."
Patricia Gulino Lansky
"I enjoyed hearing some of the things people are thinking about, and issues they're dealing with, and suggestions for addressing them."
Elaine Danforth
"I appreciate the open discussion most. Because the open discussions are not recorded they are something that I want to attend every time, so as to get to know folks via the discussions and so as to learn more and more about macrobiotics, based on folks' current concerns and current thinking."
Barbara Stemke
"I enjoyed meeting new people and hearing about the early days of macrobiotics. It would be fun to hear more about the heyday of macro before all our elders die off."
Rebecca West
"I enjoyed hearing about particular remedies that people use. I was reminded to use the ginger compress. Although doing the body rub was not spoken about, I was reminded to get back into that routine just by hearing about other practices. It is all connected 🙂 "
"I appreciated having the opportunity for us all to come together and share our experiences and insight. Lots of beautiful minds. Everyone was great. I also appreciated that we all were coming together to help one another."
Danielle Guglielmino
"It is interesting to hear others point of view and to learn other ways to heal your body that didn’t occur to you before."
"There is always so much wisdom that comes forth from the collective experience of a committed group. I received positive direction from the discussion that I am acting on to make a new change in my life. I’m grateful for this group."
Patricia Gulino Lansky
"Feeling that sense of community gives me strength and helps me stay on the path I find most fulfilling."
Danielle Guglielmino​
"I like hearing all the different viewpoints. It makes me think more about refining my macrobiotic practice."
Ginny Cusenza
"I like the community, the size of the group and the support to open up to the group."
Candice Cane

Donna Clifford is a certified nurse, with over 35 years of experience, and a macrobiotic counselor.

Donna has been leading discussion groups at Planetary Health’s online macrobiotic conferences for nearly 5 years and is popular for her engaging and caring approach and abilities to see and explain various issues in both a medical and macrobiotic way. 

Donna has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which she summed up in her cookbook Let’s Act Like Rice.

Danka Jack is a macrobiotic teacher and counselor from Slovakia. Growing up in a macrobiotic family, she has been immersed in macrobiotics from early childhood. 

Now, she leads her own macrobiotic and 9 Star Ki courses, organizes macrobiotic conferences and free events, collects macrobiotic recovery stories and takes care of other Planetary Health’s activities.

Danka loves exploring world through the lens of yin and yang and finding simple solutions through macrobiotic principles.

Danka Jack

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be discussed?

We (Donna and Danka) will come prepared with one or two hot topics to kick things off. But we expect sessions to evolve a life of their own, depending on where the conversation among all of us goes.

Can I pay by check?

Sure. Please, address the check to Planetary Health, Inc., P.O. Box 487, Becket, MA, 01223, and let us know you want to join the group at

Are the sessions recorded?

No, for privacy reasons we don’t record the discussion groups. Just make sure to mute yourself as not to disturb the ongoing discussion.

Would you like to ask another question?

Please contact us at and we will be happy to reply to you.

Would you like to join the Spring Forum on New Directions in Macrobiotics?

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