Recordings of Online Macrobiotic Summer Conference 2024

Macrobiotics in daily life, traditional cuisines, and medical practice

Are you looking to enhance your health, emotional balance, natural beauty, and spiritual growth?
Do you like to draw inspiration from traditional cuisines?
Are you curious about how the latest advancements in genetics and public health measures are impacting our health and diet?

These and many other topics will be the focus of the Online Macrobiotic Summer Conference 2024.

Get the recordings and discover how the latest genetic advancements are challenging traditional approaches to health, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Dive into diverse culinary workshops featuring Greek, and Polish cuisines, and master delicious, nutritious recipes.

Gain insights from seasoned macrobiotic teachers and counselors on enhancing mental well-being, natural beauty, spiritual growth, and emotional balanceImprove your digestion and learn new Daoist, Qi Gong and yoga exercises. Hear inspiring recovery stories!

Expand your knowledge, and transform your health and well-being.

Recordings of all the panels, lectures, cooking classes, and exercise classes

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