Lightfood: Eating For Consciousness & Enlightenment

In this groundbreaking book, Edward Esko, one of the world’s leading holistic educators, introduces the concept of food as a manifestation of energy. He explains how plant foods, and especially cereal grains, represent crystalized sunlight and how the human body uses that energy to create mind and consciousness.

He reveals how the awns, tiny hairlike antennae that project from each grain, channel energy from the cosmos and how grains store this energetic blueprint. He then elaborates on the concept of sentience, or the self-awareness possessed by animals, and how animal sentience negatively impacts the consciousness of those who depend upon animals as food. He includes a special chapter on the pineal gland, referred to as the third eye, and presents lifestyle and dietary guidelines for opening the spiritual vision located there. Subsequent chapters explain how the modern diet, based on animal products and processed food, contributes to depression, anxiety, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as increased susceptibility to emerging viruses.

The book closes with a positive vision of a peaceful universe and healthy and sustainable future. Edward Esko is the founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute and the author of over a dozen books on holistic and natural diet, health, and lifestyle.


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