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Macrobiotic Winter Conference 2024

Macrobiotics in daily life, traditional cuisines and medical practice

Are you unable to get the health food ingredients you used to buy?

What do we overlook in macrobiotics & healing?

How to deal with challenges to keep ourselves
and our children (and grandchildren)

These and many other topics will be the focus of the Online

Macrobiotic Winter Conference 2024.


Come and find out what you need to do to 
make your health stronger and that of your family.


Broaden your repertoire with
the best tried and tested recipes of
famous macrobiotic chefs.


Enjoy a reunion with old friends and
meet new, like-minded people.

What can you expect?

1. Get healing & dietary tips and advice

– Learn how macrobiotic friends relieved serious illness at the Recovery Panel

– Examine overlooked facts and dimensions of macrobiotics through the lens of medical practice

– Pose your questions to the Practitioner’s Panel with Neal Barnard, MD, Virginia Harper and Donna Clifford, RN

– Learn from a life-long experience and medical practice of a macrobiotic doctor

– Improve your decision-making — learn why we make bad decisions, and how we can start making good ones



2. Keep your family healthy

– Explore macrobiotics in all its facets with Wieke Nelissen, co-founder of the Kushi Institute of Europe, a parent of 5 and a grandparent of 11

– Learn popular dishes for children and grandchildren

– Deepen your knowledge of advanced facial diagnosis

– Find new ways to cope with emotional and social challenges of healthy eating

– Change how you feel using the 5 transformations in cooking and do-in exercises


3. Learn more about the latest developments

– How to deal with the current national and global food supply and other food issues 

– How AI impacts us and how to deal with it

– What are the current wireless trends and what to do about them


4.  Watch and make
Delicious dishes from Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisines

– Special dishes to keep your blood strong & healthy

– Yummy snacks for children and grandchildren (and grownups, too)

– Winter salads

– Tempeh and natto with a macrobiotic chef from Austria


5. Stretch, relax and energize by traditional yoga

6. Connect with people from all over the world and feel the support of the macrobiotic community

– Ask other people for practical tips for your household, meal preparation or anything else
– Share your stories and learn from the other practitioners
– Create new friendships and strengthen old ones
– Experience the nourishing atmosphere of being among like-minded people


And lots more!


January 11 – 14, 2024


Online on Zoom

All sessions recorded!

What is all included?

Online Macrobiotic Winter Conference lectures & presentations

Join us to renew your energy and
step-up your enthusiasm for healthy cooking!


Keep on the top of current trends,

deepen your knowledge,

and reconnect with other like-minded people!

What can you look forward to?

Thursday January 11

Thursday January 11

A half century ago, Michio Kushi predicted that humanity would face an existential threat from the rise of an artificial species in the 2020s and 2030s. Could AI, which is rapidly transforming everything from agriculture and medicine to finance, education, and weapons systems, be this threat? This slide show will explore Artificial Intelligence, including the way of eating that shaped and influenced its development, and how we can use this innovative technology wisely as the Spiral of History climaxes.

Open discussions with Donna Clifford, R.N., a macrobiotic nurse and author of Act Like Rice and Mark Leonas, a long-term macrobiotic practitioner.

Does the daily stress and challenges of daily life make you binge on things you better not eat?

There are so many challenges that we need to overcome every day to keep ourselves healthy. Many times, it becomes a compromise between our health and good relationships. So how to deal with it to maintain both?

In macrobiotic classes, we learned that it’s a good idea to have a little bit of raw salad in the winter to maintain some lightness and freshness during a season which often dries us out and contracts us, both through the dry cold air and from eating lots of seasonal baked foods. However, our options for fresh salad greens are usually quite limited. I would like to share some of my favorite salads using primarily winter storage vegetables and fruits. I enjoy variations of these recipes year-round but they are especially nice when fresh lettuce is months away. 

Using gentle movements, breath, and sound, you will experience yoga in its simplest, most authentic form. The sessions will help unwind, release stress, and bring a greater sense of ease and balance.

Listen to the recovery stories and ask people who recovered from various health issues. 


This time, you will hear from:

Margaret Shaw (asthma)

Louise Gray (migraine)

Christin Ritz (skin problems)

Alex Jack (covid)

Open Discussions with Donna Clifford, R.N., a macrobiotic nurse and author of Act Like Rice and Mark Leonas, a long-term macrobiotic practitioner.

Friday January 12

Friday January 12

Try some of very traditional (and Sonia’s favorite) Portuguese recipes with a macrobiotic touch.


Sonia will present a delicious soup similar to chicken soup (but without chicken), a wonderful main dish mimicking the famous Bacalhau à Brás (without codfish) and finishing with an amazing desert of sweet rice that is the specialty of her mother. You’re going to love these!

Open discussions with Donna Clifford, R.N., a macrobiotic nurse and author of Act Like Rice and Mark Leonas, a long-term macrobiotic practitioner.

Balancing and changing our health and happiness through macrobiotics takes often weeks, months or even years. But it can happen also in minutes. Oliver will show you how by using one ingredient (a carrot), you can change your internal energy in five ways. Then he will show you how you can change the ki flow in your body to support each of the body systems. See how different you can feel in a short time!

Do you find it hard to keep coming up with exciting yet nourishing snacks for hungry, growing children? Or sometimes yourself, too?


Sachi Kato, former chef at the Kushi Institute, will show you rich, nutrient-dense recipes: savoury pancakes & deep-fried dumplings that will satisfy little ones, and give them the energy they need to stay active.


They are easy to make & make delicious hors d’oeuvres for special occasions, too!

Using gentle movements, breath, and sound, you will experience yoga in its simplest, most authentic form. The sessions will help unwind, release stress, and bring a greater sense of ease and balance.

What are the limits of macrobiotics and why do they change? What is the core of macrobiotics, the essence of healing, and how do we recognize it is happening?



Dr. Vacha will share what he observed and discovered treating patients for 36 years as a general practitioner using macrobiotics, homeopathy, Western medicine, and energetic healing.



(The talk will be translated into English from Czech)

Open discussions with Donna Clifford, R.N., a macrobiotic nurse and author of Act Like Rice and Mark Leonas, a long-term macrobiotic practitioner.

Macrobiotic pioneer and macrobiotic teacher and counselor Lino Stanchich passed away on December 21, 2023 peacefully at home of natural causes. He was almost 92 years old and lived a full, rewarding life.
During this session, his friends and students will commemorate Lino, his teaching and various moments they spent with him. 

Saturday January 13

Saturday January 13

Sunday January 14

Join Bob to get the big view and learn to see the whole person… their body, mind, spirit, and direction in life. Right away. The parents and ancestors, the major body systems, the person’s life capacity, as well as the strength of their intuition are all expressed in their face and features. It’s amazing what the eyebrows, the ears, the eyes, the hair all can tell us.

Imagine an Italian Nonna on one shoulder and an ancient Chinese philosopher on the other, both sharing their wisdom with you as you cook and make your way through the world. That is how I cook and live, pulling from the wisdom of my ancestry and the wisdom of my macrobiotic studies. It’s the combination that has given my family and me robust health and an intense enjoyment of food… and life. Join me as we explore this unique view of cooking as we prepare some amazing dishes.

Open discussions with Donna Clifford, R.N., a macrobiotic nurse and author of Act Like Rice and Mark Leonas, a long-term macrobiotic practitioner.

Being a parent of 5 and a grandparent of 11, Wieke will look back to a life of exploring macrobiotics in all its facets. Children are our best teachers!

Join Kimberly for an online class & cooking demo exploring an array of functional foods for nourishing the blood.


Kimberly will highlight the importance of blood for all our organs and its role within the 5 energetic transformations framework, and also how it correlates to our physical, emotional & energetic health.

Then you will enjoy a cooking demo with delicious everyday ingredients that can support, nurture and cultivate the quality of our blood and vitality.

Using gentle movements, breath, and sound, you will experience yoga in its simplest, most authentic form. The sessions will help unwind, release stress, and bring a greater sense of ease and balance.

Use this unique opportunity to pose your questions to experts on both macrobiotics and Western medicine and resolve your quandaries and get clarity.

Open discussions with Donna Clifford, R.N., a macrobiotic nurse and author of Act Like Rice and Mark Leonas, a long-term macrobiotic practitioner.

Sunday January 14

Food supply chain disruptions, new GMO’s, rising prices, and other issues are bringing new challenges to our lives. Join Karel and Jarka, health food providers and macrobiotic teachers, to find out how to deal with them and maintain a stable base.

Natto and tempeh improve gut microbiome, reduce cholesterol levels, increase bone strength and are packed with minerals and vitamins that are essential for our health. Besides that, they are high in proteins and keep us full.


Join Serge and Carola’s cooking class to learn how to make it yourself and have these wonderful products always available. They will also present various ways of serving natto and making it delightful!

Open Discussions with Donna Clifford, R.N., a macrobiotic nurse and author of Act Like Rice.

Tom will reveal how we can quiet our most primitive and often distorted decision-making response, and instead utilize the rational and intuitive functions, which inevitably lead to the best possible decisions and outcomes. The rational and intuitive functions align us with our hearts and souls, and thus lead inevitably to deep personal and spiritual fulfillment.  

Last observations, comments and food for thought.

What do participants say about our conferences?

“I enjoyed the topics that were perhaps more advanced and deepened my understanding how macrobiotics applies to other parts of life other than just cooking.”
Brian Smith
“I appreciated the inclusive atmosphere, allowing for different styles of cooking and practice to be presented, and encouraging us to find our own way for our individual condition, situation, and practice.”
Elaine Danforth
“The conference was excellent! The only thing that was missing was the usual fabulous macrobiotic food. I enjoyed the talks: Cooking ideas to recharge my meals, health concepts to broaden my knowledge with highly knowledgeable teachers, a range of ideas to think about, and the yoga was exactly what I’ve been looking for which includes the yogic breathing exercises. The teachers were great and the overall program was rich, well organized and fun.”
Ellen Harris
“Hearing lectures on improving both physical and mental health, attending cooking classes and learning new recipes, sharing ideas with macrobiotic counselors and like-minded people all renew my energy and inspire me to be even more conscientious in my daily macrobiotic practice.”
Audrey Polt
Entire conference was amazing. Looked forward to it each day.”
Lila Kutolowski
“2023 was the best yet—I don’t know how they keep getting better every year but somehow it gets pulled off beautifully.”
Rebecca West

Frequently Asked Questions

I have other arrangements and can’t attend all the lectures. Will the lectures be recorded?

Yes, all the lectures will be recorded, and you can watch them again anytime at your convenience.
The only thing that is not recorded are the open discussion sessions to ensure the privacy of the participants and create a safe atmosphere for mutual sharing.

Can I pay by check?

Sure. Please, address the check to Planetary Health, Inc., P.O. Box 487, Becket, MA, 01223, and let us know you want to join the group at

How long will I have access to the recordings and other materials?

Recipes will be sent to your email and the recording  will be available  for 2 years 😊

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in two installments:
1st installment of $169 payable by registration
2nd installment of $169 payable by Tuesday January 9

Would you like to ask another question?

Please contact us at and we will be happy to reply to you.

How would your life change if

you overcame the challenges that hold you from
improving your health and/or that of your family?

Who will be presenting?

We have invited some of the most renowned macrobiotic speakers from around the world, medical experts, as well as young and enthusiastic teachers

Sachi Kato
Sachi Kato

Macrobiotic chef, teacher and counselor, former head chef at Kushi Institute

Christina Pirello, macrobiotic chef
Christina Pirello

Macrobiotic educator and Emmy-Award winning host of Christina Cooks!

Jiri Vacha, M.D.
Jiri Vacha, M.D.

General practitioner with expertize in macrobiotics, homeopathy, and energy healing

Jarka Adamcova
Jarka Adamcova

Health food shop owner and macrobiotic teacher and chef

Oliver Cowmeadow, macrobiotic teacher
Oliver Cowmeadow

Founder and director of the International Macrobiotic School in the UK

Alex Jack, renowned macrobiotic author and macrobiotic counselor, former Kushi Institute director and president of Planetary Health
Alex Jack

Macrobiotic teacher, counselor and author

Danka Jack, macrobiotic counselor and teacher
Danka Jack

Macrobiotic teacher and counselor

Sonia Jordao, macrobiotic teacher
Sonia Jordao

Macrobiotic chef, teacher and counselor

Virginia Harper
Virginia Harper

Transformational leader in natural healing

Neal Barnard, M.D.
Neal Barnard, M.D.

Founder of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medcine

Kimberly Ashton
Kimberly Ashton

5 element wellness coach, energy healer & author

Bob Carr, macrobiotic teacher
Bob Carr

Macrobiotic teacher, counselor and shiatsu therapist

Karel Becvar
Karel Becvar

Health food shop owner and macrobiotic teacher

Wieke Nelissen
Wieke Nelissen

Macrobiotic counselor and teacher and co-founder of the Kushi Institute of Europe

Tom Monte

Leader of programs on natural and emotional healing

Alex Garberg
Alex Garberg

Macrobiotic cooking teacher

Manjari Agarwala

Yoga therapist and macrobiotic teacher from India

Serge Matev

Macrobiotic teacher and chef, former head chef at International Macrobiotic Conferences in the Netherlands

Cynthia Vann

Former U.S. Air Force officer, macrobiotic practitioner and environmental health specialist

Donna Clifford, R.N.
Donna Clifford, R.N.

Macrobiotic teacher
and registered nurse

“I highly recommend the Conference. It is a great learning experience. It develops spirit and higher development, 
and motivates people to care about themselves, others, and the whole planet.”

– R.T.

Who is organizing this for you?

Alex Jack, an internationally renowned macrobiotic teacher, counselor, and author, worked closely with Michio and Aveline Kushi for nearly forty years and served as former director of Kushi Institute in Becket. He co-wrote The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, The Book of Macrobiotics, and many other books on diet, health, and the environment with Michio Kushi and is currently writing a multivolume series on the Spiral of History


Danka Jack is a macrobiotic teacher from Slovakia. She grew up in a macrobiotic family, learning and applying the remedies and principles in her daily life since childhood. She is the Special Projects director at Planetary Health, giving courses and consultations in macrobiotics and 9 Star Ki.

Alex Jack and Danka Jack

Will you join us to deepen yourself in the art of healing
& find better ways to keep your family healthy?

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