the Energetic Patterns
in Literature

Embark on an insightful journey through Energetic Patterns in Literature by Jan Jícha, where the ancient principles of yin and yang illuminate the world of literature.

Perfect for those who live by the macrobiotic way and wish to see its application beyond the realm of food.

What is the book about?

Energetic Patterns in Literature is an exploration of literary epochs and masterpieces through the macrobiotic lens. 

Enhanced by illustrative graphics and symbols, this book shows you
how yin and yang influences shaped and formed people’s thinking and behavior, as well as the art that we admire today.


In the second part of the book, Jan Jícha invites you into a spiralic voyage across time, where each of the 15 essays is a stop on a journey through the world’s most revered texts.

Energetic Patterns in Literature by Jan Jicha

What awaits you inside?


How did other readers find the book?​

A thought-provoking, briskly and wittily written book. There are thoughts that our contemporary society needs to hear.
—Monika Kittová
Translator & Redactor
Engaging and rich publication, Energetic Patterns in Literature is not only a unique author's view of literature, intelligence, and society through the principles of yin and yang but also aspires to serve as an alternative literary guide for interested people regardless of age for decades.
—Jan Šulc
Redactor & Editor
Packed with information, it reads incredibly easily and gives the kind reader enough space for their own reflections. It connects the past with the future - looking for parallels across time and place and warning against extremes, as much in food as in behavior.
Reader from Prague
Jan’s unique interpretation illuminates the world’s most sublime literature in a profound new way.
—Alex Jack
Macrobiotic teacher, writer and counselor

What does this book offer you?

Jan Jícha

About the Author

Jan Jícha, a Prague native, is not just a teacher of Czech language and literature but also a successful author, translator, musician, and a holistic life enthusiast. His book is the culmination of years spent intertwining his teaching experience with a deep study of Eastern energetics.

Book details:

Ready to Dive into the Energetic Patterns in Literature?

Experience the energetic interplay of yin and yang as it spirals through the classics. “Energetic Patterns in Literature” is more than a book; it’s a new lens for history and literature.

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