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45-minute Private 9 star ki Tutorial with Alex and Danka Jack

I Ching trigrams with yin yang symbol

Online 7-week course on Zoom

9 Star Ki Course

Deepen your knowledge & use its full potential

Advanced 9 Star Ki Course main photos: 9 Star Ki Magic square, 5 transformations, Alex and Danka Jack

Do you know the basics of 9 Star Ki but are not sure how to apply it to more complex matters?


Do you want to:

We will help you transform your understanding of 9 Star Ki and unlock its full potential.

Financial applications

– what energies govern business,
– what positions to be in or avoid for success,

– the business cycle, product launches, making investments and more.

Strengthening health

Find out how to use the relation among the 9 energies, organs, systems, and functions and foods to strengthen your health.
What are the best times for healing or medical treatment?

I Ching Correlations

Get a deeper understanding of yourself, your behavior, and relationship with other people

& gain more profound insights into your partner, family, friends or colleagues.

Romantic relationships

Find out how people act in romantic relationships and express their sexuality.

9 Star Ki Diagnosis

Discover how the energies manifest in our face, posture, gestures, and other expressions to understand people better.

Spiritual Path

Chart the stages of your life and your spiritual purpose.

Advanced Directionology

Tips how to make the most of your travels and minimize bad directions.

Art of Placement

Learn how to site your house, arrange your living space or office, and design your kitchen utilizing Feng Shui or 9 Star Ki.

Legal applications

How to choose the best dates for lawsuits, divorce, how to select jury, and navigate in other legal matters?

9-Year & 81-Year Cycles

Delve with us into history and see how larger cycles influence our lives and what to expect in the future. Learn how to count numbers BCE.

Daily Cycles

Learn how to calculate the energy for the day & how it impacts our daily, weekly, and monthly life at a finer tuned level.

12 Zodiac signs

Explore the relation of 9 Star Ki to the 12 Far Eastern animal signs and Western Zodiac to understand multi-dimensional influences.

Many things that you won't find in any book.

9 Star Ki flow in the Magic Square

This course is for people with basic knowledge of 9 Star Ki, who:

- Understand the meaning of all 9 energies,
- Calculate all three 9 Star Ki numbers, and
- Know how the energy changes through the yearly and monthly cycle.

If you don’t, get on the waiting list to be updated on our Practical 9 Star Ki Course.

May 9 - June 18, 2023
Every Tuesday 6:30 - 8:30 pm ET


7 x 2-hour online classes via Zoom

Recordings of all classes

Personal guidance

Handouts and other materials

Lots of practical applications in workshops

Q & A session eclass

And a lot of fun!

I Ching trigrams with yin yang symbol

This is the most in-depth 9 Star Ki Course.

Special bonus

for those who sign up by Tuesday April 9 midnight:

45-minute private 9 Star Ki tutorial
with Alex and Danka Jack

Price: $497

What our clients and students say?

I find the readings accurate and they give me useful guidance each month and for the year. I feel grounded. For example, I was planning a relocation of countries and was able to get clear information on times and direction of travel. I also got guidance on most appropriate kinds of work to do. This stuff works though–if we let it. I’ve been able to direct decisions at times when life has seemed very complex. That has been supportive and helpful. Thank you.”
G.R., London, the United Kingdom
“I’m doing 9 Star Ki sessions with Alex for years now. It explains the tendencies of the energies of the universe, the planet, and my own. What I like about it is that it never tells you not to do something; it might tell you how to prepare or what to be aware of. Very useful for traveling, healing, business… also I really appreciate Alex’s availability if I have a question in between sessions.”
—Gubi Koltz, Luxembourg
I am pleasantly surprised by the course. The method of uncovering basic features of a person was unknown to me. However, I very quickly understood why I did not understand people that are close to me. This can be regained by the simple teaching that 9 Star Ki provides. Thank you, Danka.”
Dana Vesela, the Czech Republic
"Danka’s course revealed a lot to me. I perceive my loved ones from a different perspective now, as I can read their character from their numbers and how they can act in certain situations. Of course, also myself. I like that we learned everything in the course gradually and step by step, we received materials to print and assignments. And last but not least, I also like the support during the course. Danka took great care of us, answered our questions and organized joint online meetings. Highly recommended.
Veronika Hladisova, the Czech Republic
“The reading you did for me last year was amazingly accurate and helpful. Thank you so much! I look forward to getting this year’s reading from you soon!”
P.L., Connecticut, USA
“I used so much information in this course for a better and deeper understanding of myself and others. It was very enriching for me and showed me a view of people from a different angle. I recommend it to everyone who is on the path of self-discovery and getting to know others.”
Kristyna Anna Gladis, the Czech Republic
“I realized that we are a combination of many qualities that are given and we can take a closer look at them, how some mutually support each other, while others not at all 🙂 When we realize the pitfalls of our relationships, we can continue to consciously work with them. Oh, and the fact that my younger son is constantly drawing wiring and plugging in electricity to all the games is written in his numbers, I fell on my ass! :-)”
Marketa Sobotkova, the Czech Republic
“Thanks to 9 Star Ki, I know how I function in peaceful and stressful situations, how I affect those around me, and I can find out all these about all my loved ones or new acquaintances, as well. The course is great for anyone who is interested in self-knowledge and who wants to know how best to treat others and what to expect from them.
Jarka Novakova, the Czech Republic

Who will teach you?

Alex Jack, an internationally renowned macrobiotic teacher, counselor, and author, worked closely with Michio and Aveline Kushi for nearly forty years and has written many books on Far Eastern philosophy and medicine. He has taught 9 Star Ki seminars in America, Britain, Japan, and the Netherlands and given personal readings to hundreds of people.


Danka Jack is a macrobiotic teacher from Slovakia with a passion for 9 Star Ki. She has learned and applied it since her childhood and taught it to over 120 people.

Danka and Alex Jack


Yes, all the classes will be recorded, and we will send you the recording right after the class. You will thus watch them again anytime.

The recordings will be available for 2 years after the course. 

After you sign-up for the course, we will contact you regarding the best dates and times for you and set up the tutorial.

There will be no exam.

Sure. Please, address the check to Planetary Health, Inc., P.O. Box 487, Becket, MA, 01223, and let us know you are ordering the course at contact@planetaryhealth.com.

This is a weekly live online course offered via zoom. The classes are 2 hours long.

Yes. We offer the following installment plan:

1st installment by registration

2nd installment by May 17

3rd installment by June 5

Please contact us at contact@planetaryhealth.com and we will be happy to reply to you.

Learn simple way to make the right choices in complex life situations

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